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November 16, 2017

My honeymoon was a beautiful time period which I can never forget as it kept on unfolding such event and moments which will be cherished forever and ever. We chose Croatia as our honeymoon destination. This made me sure that there definitely is heaven on this earth and being there with you soul partner is more than heaven for anyone. To make this trip a wonderful on I took help of Wild Secrets promo codes which made sure what to pack and how to use it to intimidate my partner.Get the best and deals of thousands of store and also find more latest coupon of Wild Secrets

I’m a beach lover and had this desire to get married at beach with very few dear ones ad their genuine wishes for my happy life ahead. For this beach wedding arrangement my father had to plan two days stay at Sydney as the place I lived had no beach around.


The stay was quite comfy and the arrangements were as per planned. Everyone had wonderful time and I was happy that I finally got married to love of my life Steve. Our honeymoon was already planned a week before as we were not able to decide the place. As soon as the place got confirmed I instantly started searching for the perfect lingerie and swim wear I’ll carry with me to make my honeymoon period one of the best one.

Wild Secrets didn’t let me down in making the right decision for what to choose to seduce my husband. When I surfed through the online store I was so intimidated myself by looking at the wonderful lingerie and other stuff with hefty discounts.


The latest and trendy bikinis, teddies and bodysuits, garter sets, bras and matching sets and what not were easily available at the store making things work for me to turn this honeymoon as one of the memorable one. The articles which I ordered were available in various colors which helped me in making choice an easier task.

We headed towards the airport to leave for Croatia as soon we got married. The journey was quite inpatient one as we both had desires bubbling up. It took us around 16 hours to reach our final destination and there were some moments when we both felt that choosing Croatia as our honeymoon destination was a mistake which kept us at bay for 16 very long hours.


When we reached there and as soon as we entered the hotel we didn’t hold for anything and expressed our deep desires on each other. I was glad I used the powder room at the airport which gave me a chance to wear the seducing lingerie to make things go wild between us.

The rest 15 days passed with the same wild desires stirring up between us and what little time we got was spent on beach. Thanks to Wild Secrets for making my honeymoon period an extravagant one with so many memoire to keep us recalling what we actually hold for each other.

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