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November 6, 2017


Who says we can’t have wine in the summer? Of course we can!

Regardless of where you live: whenever you want to or you crave to, you can always have wine and any kind you want. I heard you love Shiraz wine and guess what? I love it too! Whether I spend summers and Christmas in Sydney, Darwin, Melbourne, Suva, Bali or Brisbane, I love to have wine and so does my lovely hubby. The best deals due to Wine Market Promo Code helped me get the best Shiraz wine and that too being an Aussie one.

I’ll explain you the secret of how we got it.

Melbourne is truly a global city. My husband has been working at CSL Pharmaceuticals since the same time I have been (We both been together at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology & finished our degrees together as well) & we have been around the world on various business and technical trips. Our first love for wine developed at RMIT when we both began dating each other during our studies. During our company trips around various global locations, we got to taste a variety of wine whether it was of France, Italy, Spain or Napa Valley wine but we fell in instantly with South Australia Shiraz wine.

It was last year at Christmas that we were looking for online wine deals. It was a week after our marriage and we wanted wine for Christmas. We found Wine Market and we not only purchased our favourite Shiraz Wine at the best price. Signing up for their coupons then brought us loads of blessed prices for our favourite that we enjoy every now and then.

We enjoy wine whenever we get a personal moment or have a personal dine in at home. I now own a purse which has a secret pouch for wine. We enjoyed wine when Melbourne got chilly in July this year and now when spring arrived we have been enjoying wine in spring too (It was just last night at dinner we had wine).

I love wine! And I’m not addicted! I just love it!

I and my lovable hubby adore it. We both thank Wine Market for the best bargain and the best deal on Shiraz wine.

You’re the best Wine Market! Keep it up!

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