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November 16, 2017

My story of how I came across The Healthy Mummy promo codes to make myself take advantage of being healthy and living vigorously.

The day I gave birth to Flora, she became one of the most prominent part of my life. Her little feet and hands attracted me so towards her that it was something out of my reach to ignore them. The first time I saw her it appeared to me that I could never get out of that dazzling look on her face which has now become my life. Yesterday after completing all the chores related to home and Flora, I went to take shower and while changing I felt that my tummy was quite visible and I have started putting on weight. With The Healthy Mummy i got a lot of help that’s for sure.

This image of mine in the mirror made me hell lot sad and I even shed few tears because I knew that Andrew had liking for my fitness and how I maintained myself. I was really upset that I could not keep up with his liking and has ended up into someone different.

When I heard about The Healthy Mummy I was not too hopeful as I didn’t know anything about the plans they used to carry about for losing weight. But with little resistance I did surfed through the page and this made me to an extent relaxed when finding the solution to all the problems I thought I’m facing these days.

The suggestions and plans which I got on contacting with the concerned people helped me in finding the solution. The right exercise, healthy eating, the smoothies specially dispatched on ordering from the site helped me in taking care of my health and get rid of the flabby tummy.



I even got a lot of solutions related to breastfeeding and how to maintain the health of my child and mine as well. The products offered by the store which are launched every month are breastfeeding friendly, helps in losing weight, and bring healthy touch to the food you consume. I was so happy to see the tempting products offered at the store which made sure that they are good to use along with the other products like exercise DVDs, smoothie shakers, exercise ball and active wear.

The store did help me giving up on the excessive weight which I put on after delivering Flora and within two months I’m able to shed off 8kg which is an achievement on my part. Even Andrew noticed this change in me which has given a healthy and fresh look making me a perfect mom in all possible ways.

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