Words of wisdom to my baby Sally on carrying her baby

By on November 6, 2017


To my dearest baby Sally,

I hope you, Barry & Jeremy are doing really great. I am so delighted at the birth of your baby boy Jeremy and I am happy to see Barry fulfilling his fatherly duties decently as well.

I wanted to write to you about baby carriers and the best ones I’ve seen are at Mamaway. Your sister in law Jenny bought one from Mamaway and showed me how she was carrying Riley in the baby carrier. I am really glad you signed up for Mamaway promo code on Jenny’s advice.

These kind of baby carriers were quite rare back then but upon my flight to the United States of America, I brought around a dozen back and out of them 4 were gifted to others. Carrying you back then in those carriers made me feel like a Kangaroo carrying you around.

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